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We aim to support job seekers, career explorers, career changers, and aspiring entrepreneurs

Who are we?

We are a career development and empowerment platform that holds coaching and other career development services for professionals in the Philippines and all over the world. We seek professionals who look for people to guide them in the professional world through proven best practices and barely talked about industry knowledge.

What is MG Virtual Career Academy Community?

We created MG Virtual Career Academy (MG VCA) to help individuals navigate the dynamic world of job seeking, career exploring, and career changing. Created in response to the rapidly changing landscape of employment brought about by the New Normal, the group aims to help community members excel in their careers, enhance their skill sets, and adapt to the remote work. Managed by a team of career coaches, we are dedicated to assisting individuals to hone their professional skills by providing access to resources, workshops, trainings, and support from community members and career experts.

Why join the Community?

Our VCA Community provides more dedicated support and event boosters as compared to ordinary following on social media, perfect for individuals and organizations in need to jumpstart their career mindset. We offer private conferences here ONLY for community members.

Our Membership Plans

Learn from our certified career coaches and get most of the educational benefits of a career coaching program at an affordable monthly cost!



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